Monday, 30 June 2014

Shed happenings

Its been a while since the last update..but Ive been busy ..see the other blog ..

Scimitar has been taking up most of my shed time


Carb refurbish completed ...and it works!
Watts linkage bushes replaced - I also had to replace the diff cover as I couldn't get a snapped bolt out of it-I had spotted the snapped bolt last year but didn't have time to sort it
Watts linkage parts

All back together with superflex bushes fitted

Steering column bushes replaced
Exhausts back on - all fitting nicely now
Wiring mods/repairs completed running led for the new cooling fan and override switch fitted,L.O.P switch and l.e.d  fitted  -even got the electric aerail working! Dash back in,door cards back on and some new speakers fitted 
Big kenlow squeezed in with a modified/shedmade bracket

P.O. attempt at wiring!
The picture above shows the standard of wiring found behind the dash-this was a live feed....

Door locks sorted and working
New seat runners fitted -the old runners were bordering on a MOT failure
new double lock runners fitted

Seat belts replaced

Started it up last week end and after a few tweaks with the carb it started from cold every time and ran up to temperature fine -I was just getting round to getting some test miles on it when I noticed a tiny coolant leak from the rear of the R/H head -turned out a core plug was starting to give up - so rather than try and lash it up I decided to take the heads off and replace the core plugs (you cant get at them in-situ) hey ho but a job worth doing right
Dodgy core plug...and photo!
Im glad I took it apart- the inlet mainfold gasket was past its best!
So couple of evenings ahead cleaning up the surfaces fitting new core plugs and gaskets all round and should be ready to do some miles in it come the weekend.....?