Monday, 18 March 2013

Rover P6-sheds some rust...

 I have managed to sneak some shed time to assess what needs doing body repair wise on the P6, I've also set up this blog specifically to cover the car side of things in the shed - don't worry "The view from the edge of the shed" will still be getting updated with my ramblings grumpiness and other stuff - so back on topic-
I put the boy to use washing cars -the Spitfire is for sale

I stripped out the seats and carpets and removed the outer sills- these cars have a base unit,inner sill and a "screw on" outer sill

I knew the car had some "patching" done around 1995- I also knew it was done to a "just get it through an MoT" standard so I was expecting  worse than I found to be honest!
I really enjoyed the few stolen hours in the shed,and all though it looks horrible all the rust and holes -I'm looking forward to getting stuck in, taking my time and doing the best job I can to get another of these great cars back on the road,I love the thought and detail that went into the design,silly things like the door handles and the intricacies of the quarter lights make me smile!-these were quality cars in their time

Outer N/S  sill removed

Front N/S jacking point a bit ropey

Small hole between base unit to floor and evidence of patching from underdside

N/S not looking to bad - I reckon jacking points an inner and outer sill will go most the way to sorting this side out
The O/S was not such a pretty sight

O/S outer sill removed
Nice jacking point!

Note patches flapping about -never joined to the inner sill.

More flappy patches!

View from inside the car -base unit not connected to floor!

So for this side I reckon a base unit bottom repair panel jacking points inner and outer sill
Hey ho don't you just love these old cars?

A bucket of rust!
If any fellow rust collectors have the panels needed for sale give me a shout feel free to post comments on this blog-or my other blog daft or otherwise - comments like "Mr Shed don't worry that will polish out" and other such words of encouragement greatly revived!