Monday, 28 July 2014

Back on the road again...

Over the last few years  the scimitar has been sharing  the luck enjoyed by Lewis Hamilton in recent months but now- touch wood seems to be back on track

It had been off the road for 18 years when I bought it last May and I set about it with plenty of enthusiasm but not a lot of marque knowledge and even less time to get it ready for a blast to Nice and Stelvio in September 2013 if I had only known about the dodgy weber recall before setting off we might of made it ....but looking back now I doubt it !

Progress since last post-about 3 weeks ago?

Heads back on with new core plugs
Ran her up to temperature only for the water pump to start leaking- something I had been expecting having  a new spare to hand.
Going back toggether

Looking and sounding rough after its first test run!

So time for a test run...
First test run lasted about 3 miles cut out a few times no power under-load restarted got it home..I put it down to a dodgy king lead connection ...hmmm
It was a few days before I could take it for a run again due to Daddy Duty etc if the first run scored 5/10 this one scored 3/10 ...bollocks I thought it was obvious I had seriously cocked something up felt like a fuel starvation issue but also felt like  ignition
 I re-routed the fuel line from the pump - next test run scored 5/10 so  slight improvement which pointed me down the fuel route ...armed with carb cleaner and the best tick over I could get out of the engine I sprayed around the carb/base/manifold interface - result -leaking the engine nearly cutting out when the spray was applied
Off with the carb checked for flatness- now I have to admit I hadn't bothered checking earlier as it had been fine before the fire (DOH) and I had used new gaskets etc -anyway it was all over the place checking it with a straight edge- so it was out with the sheet of plate glass last used as a table top and for checking the flatness of the spitfire cylinder- head several hours later using 400 grit paper(laid out on the plate glass)  I had an acceptable base and spacer block
Whilst the carb was off I checked I had set up the float correctly and they were air tight along with checking choke flap positions and throttle positions -all ok 
I reassembled using two gaskets between the carb and spacer - gaskets trimmed to clear the W shaped flow plate 
Whilst in the shed I also replaced the rear gearbox to prop oil seal as it was starting to leave puddles,the fuel pump was also replaced as a "just in case"- I really should have it post fire anyway.
Once started up again it "sounded better" -I could get a smoother and lower tick over -all thought something still didn't sound right ..
I took it for a test run this time it scored a 7/10 - a misfire under load between 3 to 4k rpm which  felt like ignition to me -but no cutting out and stopping which was a bonus!- I couldn't  be arsed fannying around with the points anymore so fitted an acuspark unit timed it up and hey presto no misfire pulling well and driving great - (I haven't dared take it to the red line though! and don't really have any intention  of doing so during everyday driving )
It was off for MOT the following day which it passed no problems and since Ive managed to put a couple of hundred miles on it without out issue- just a few little things and service stuff to sort out before the "unfinished business" run to Stelvio this September   (fingers crossed!)
Back in one bit and running well again

Meanwhile whilst the hose pipe was out the 1972 1300 Triumph Spitfire "unfinished project"myself and a Friend rescued was given a wash and I started to sort out all the bits needed to be sold with it to really will make a great project for someone (not me! Ive done spitfires now and just cannot justify this one right now) ...Ive done my bit rescuing it so get in touch if interested

More details and pictures here.....AUTOMOTIVE SHED TAT

Mean while the Rover and the Mini STILL wait patiently in the.... shed the  5 year old  is eagar to get started on it

whilst the nearly 7 year old tried out some paint schemes at an excellent Mini display at the Haynes Motor museum

Some may notice the "rabbit hutch"  inlet grille (underneath  the number plate)  on the Scimitar is gold ...the reason why? well the 4 year old wanted some "golden" Hot Wheels cars for his 5th chance have you seen the price of them? So I sprayed some standard ones and whist I had the can in my hand I couldn't resist a putting a bit of bling on the grille! 
Golden Hot Wheels

Can you spot the gold (beneath the number plate)
more pics


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