Monday, 8 December 2014

Status Quo-nothing to report!

It’s been ages since an update on the sheds, mainly because the one that’s working is still working..a few little things need sorted …but it starts goes well and has been providing reliable week end service since the European trip in September, hence I don’t really want to take it to bits again! 

It’s been great to jump in and drive – no hassle lots of enjoyment even if it is just for an hour but its best to keep using them – I’ve been lucky with the weather making the most of the bright cold crisp mornings for a blast across the moors- I’ve raised the ride height slightly since the Euro trip and the car is a lot more settled on the worst bits of the undulating peat bog they call road around us

Jobs I do need to do to keep it reliable are – re-core the rad its weeping very slightly from the lower nearside corner, I am happy all the hose connections are now water tight-as it was the rad that came with the car which had been sitting for 18 years- I’m surprised its lasted this long now its back into regular service, I also need to sort out the play in the propshaft CV – I phoned up Dave Mac propshafts they recommended me sending them the old one so they can make one up with U/Js both ends -which I would prefer –Trouble is I don’t want the car off the road too long I like driving it too much!
 I might wait till the Tax runs out in Feb and do the rad and prop at the same time so it will be fully sorted for spring.

I fully intend to get cracking on the Mini and Rover “weldathon” in the next few weeks  – I’ve purchased a fire resistant tarpaulin to enclose the two cars within the shed and build myself a “welding den” –it will keep at the dust and grinding cack off the Scimitar and cut down the risk of setting fire to it again!
The mini will be straight forward enough – floors and sills- so think I will start with that one first to get my hand in again then do the P6 which has few more tricky bits to fabricate etc


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