Tuesday, 9 September 2014

 Smoke me a kipper.....

Team shed rides again
After the cars rather abrupt Fireball XL5 exit somewhere in France last year Team Shed are going again a  2,000 mile round trip in 4 days... to the alps with a loop of the hallowed Stelvio ..
The car-a 1976 Scimitar SE6a - was returned to Shedtune HQ after the fire and over the last 12 months has been slowly repaired and readied- the work squeezed into a busy schedule involving day job, three kids, house renovations and the associated trappings of mid life crisis –so after plenty of late nights in the shed its sort of ready have another go
Wish us luck, smoke us a kipper etc
To give this daft trip some sort of meaning the Virgin Giving page is open again- if you fancy donating a quid or so please use the link above..It’s a lot easier than tipping buckets of iced water over yourself…its for Cancer Research

(Thanks from all shed dwellers ..in advance)

Final preparations..
Things got a bit close to the edge last Friday when I decided I wasn't happy with the trunions and set about replacing them- after a couple of 2am finishes in the shed all klonks were sorted ...all that is left to do tomorrow  is pack the tools, spares and a new fire extinguisher then its off to the channel crossing
We will try to update progress on this blog .. but that all depends on Homer being able to use his new fangled phone that  can do internetty stuff...? 



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