Friday, 2 May 2014

Some updates..

Updates to the blog have been sparse-mainly because Ive been  "stealing hours in the shed" as much as possible -in between work, Daddy Duty and bashing houses- not getting out there till 10.00pm then finishing at midnight I cant really be arsed to write up what Ive done....

Today is the exception as 9 year Son is laying on one sofa ill and I'm laying on the other- ill with the same bug ...not happy -hey ho so I thought I would update whats been going in/out and on in the Shed....

Scimitar - Ive been focusing most my efforts on this repairing the damage from last years fire and sorting out all the things I didnt get done last year,so jobs done about to be done-

Bigger cooling fan fitted with some relay control
Upgrades to lighting - again some extra relay control for the extra load
Burnt wiring removed and replaced-wiring protected using heat resistant sleeving ,clipped up re-routed etc ...basically lots of fannying around
Fuel lines replaced - with stainless
Carb rebuilt
Alternator repalaced
Replaced the oil pressure gauge feed line
Oil pressure switch fitted
Cooling hoses replaced
Re-wiring/sort out of dash wiring - some v dodgy botches/slices etc had gone on here over the years!
Fixed the door locks

Fit second hand tubular manifolds
Fit new carpet set
Fit really nice second hand  Mota-Lita steering wheel I treated myself to for stopping smoking "sneaky roll ups" in the shed
New watts linkage bushes -they should be here today

I'm at the finishing  up  stage now and hope to have it back on the road in the next few weeks-
some pics of works in progress-

 Carb mending in progress

 Being fitted

 Dash revealing some lovely " potential pyrotechnic" lash ups-not that I'm paranoid about car fires now!

 Looking forward to twirling this round a few Alpine corners come September 2014
 Manifolds getting a coat of EHT paint
 Re-wire in progress

 Big fan squeezed in
 Relays going in
 Starting to look a bit more like it

 L.O.P sw I really want to know? but the inst tech in me couldn't resist

 Stainless pipe work from tank -filter -carb and carb -return to tank

 So whats in and whats out ...well old faithful 2000mk1 rally a like car has been sold- ending my 20 odd years of  (Various)Triumph ownership

Ive reverted back to my youth or extended my mid life crisis depending on how you look at it...and bought this for the next project ...will it be done before or after the P6 I ask myself?
My plan is to do a "Minis to Monte" run in 2017 to celibate the minis last 1967 win of the iconic rally- I built a 1380 mini back when I was 20 whilst running a SD1 V8 as an everyday car-all my peers were tooling around in Fiestas and the like - I was hooked on lost cause British cars all the way back then! its all gone a bit full circle
Here is  a bit of completed hose bashing-
And a bit of squirty cream/cake fun-