Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Its been a while..

The fact that I haven't updated the car blog for a long time normally means I am up to my neck in "stuff" and just simply haven't had time to write anything down..which is exactly where I am at at the moment ...the "stuff" being house renovations and family life ..rather than shed life ..I have been able to balance shed  life a bit over the last 12 months..

The scimitar has provided excellent service -just as well as the 12 year  family hack Merc has let its self down twice in the last couple of months- to the kids delight as they get transported around in the Scimi...the Scimi only failed once ...the brake servo letting go a couple of weeks ago a replacement fitted just in time for the Merc to pack up again!
To be fair to the Merc couldn't be blamed when both sets of keys ended
up in Belgium on a four day business trip..took me four hours to move the bastard thing stuck in park down the drive so I could get the Scimitar past it and pick the kids up from school!
My main shed time has been spend on the Triumph 2000 getting it ready for the 2016 RBRR ..I am massively behind schedule.. I am hoping anyone reading this thinking they are not going to be ready in time will be spurred on and not give up!
I was planning just to wipe it down with a rag soaked in WD40 but as you do I  kept finding things that I didn't see the point in not fixing now will still keep its "Basildon Banger" persona and patina but at least now it will keep them for the next five years or so!
Still to do -
Finish O/S sill repairs
Build and fit engine - short engine with machine shop having crank and a few other bits sorted atm
Re-bush/rebuild suspension
Finish wiring refurbish
Refit heater and interior etc
Refurbish/ refit braking system see when you write it down in a short list with not much detail it feels loads better !
I am glad I took the plunge to repair the sills.. found some really bad previous repairs from at least two or three owners belt mount was a clinch nut in the inner sill! oops
I shall let the pictures do the talking

NS middle sill peeled off without using a grinder! look at  the welding!

Seat belt mount N/S

Hey ho stocked up on cutting discs! roll on the RBRR ...will I be ready?


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