Friday, 25 October 2013

Form an orderly line..... outside the shed please...

Its been longer than I wanted since my last post mainly due to fact I cant seem to get time to sit down to even think about what I'm meant to be doing, let alone write about it after Ive done it ...and that's only if I can fight my way through bloody kids using the lap top to feed their "Csoddingbeebies" habit ...
 More of that stuff can be found on "View from the edge.."

The Scimitar is back in the shed, sharing space with the Triumph 2000 mk1 and the Rover P6 - three immobile cars  stuck pining for my attention -The Triumph is sitting on axle stands as I nicked its driveshafts and alloys to fund "Fireball XL5"- I desperately need a set of second hand drive shafts (MK2 back end) to get it mobile,Ive some steel stag 14" wheels to put on it -if you have any drive- shafts  spare for sale please get in touch with me  (
I reckon a good day on it and it would be ready for  an Mot- it might even stand a chance of passing which would add value to it - I will be asking around £1500 running with Mot -less if it winds me up too much!
 Once that's out the way I need to get our year 2000 Land-rover Discovery in there -its been a really reliable work horse for us for the last five years but as with all British cars it can sense when your plotting against it - we have a company car turning up next Friday which would have relived the Disco of its Bastard Ballet duties and having cheese wax shoved in its air vents -all it had to do was "hold up" another week to allow a Half Term trip to Grandparents and family back up North in Cumbria -but no in the last few weeks the N/S front wheel bearing has started to make "a noise" the heater matrix let go and turned the cabin into the set of a Swedish sauna based movie -fair enough I though by-passing the heater- I can make the kids wear extra clothes for the trip up north-checking the car over today before the planned trip on Sunday I spotted a leaking rear brake  we will be squeezing into the old Audi A3 to head up North- dependent of course on the biblical storm planned for this weekend.
So the Landrover will be in the shed next for a new heater matrix,front wheel bearing/hub and more than likely a rear caliper  before it can be Motd and sold
 In the mean time the insurance engineer has been to visit the Scimitar and we have agreed a price for repairs following the fire,I have started work on it and really wanted to get it finished before sorting the Triumph and land-rover.
 I managed to get a good deal on some second hand tubular manifolds and set about carrying out some improvements that  I didn't get round to doing before the ill fated "Nice Pint 2013" trip -namely  to beef up the cooling by binning the old four blade electric cooling fan and replacing it with a 12" kenlow that I had picked up ages ago from an auto jumble- it was still in the box but missing the mounting kit - which was no loss as it was one of the older style ones that used those flimsy L shaped tubes I never trusted not to catapult the rotating fan into the radiator matrix, so it was time to fire up the welder and over engineer a "shedtune" bracket which works well,whilst carrying out the repairs to the wiring loom I will incorporate wiring to allow the fan load to be switched via a relay to protect  the original otter switch- which  will stay for the time being,I will also incorporate a manual override switch possibly with an adjustable run on timer to help cool under the bonnet when you first switch off the engine after a long run -its very temping to nick the "Pacet" fans and controller off the Triumph but I need to leave something on it to sell!- anyway I'm still waiting for the cheque from the sodding insurance company so I can crack on and get the rest of the bits I need  to get it running again....twats

So once all that lots out the way I can finally get round to what I wanted to be doing this winter....restoring the P6 at my own pace in complete undisturbed grumpiness in the shed - Im only about a year behind schedule on it!

In the mean time get in touch -well give me a couple of months- if you are interested in  buying the Triumph or Land-rover

Sorry about the lack of pictures- will post some next time when I can find which child has lost the fucking camera