Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Some progess ..sort of

In between normal duties I have managed to make some progress on the Scimitar
stripping and cleaning up the front O/S suspension 

 You can see in the above picture the old bushes were in a right mess so the clean up begins..
Messy -the Fulcrum pin proved to be U/S a new pair has been ordered

Shedtune version of degrease bath

Never throw pallets away

Upright was hiding nasty corrosion
As was the fulcrum

It was obvious on striping down than someone had been there before me -the trunnion looked hardly worn and the trunnion bushes were un-sized and in almost new condition the problem was it had been screwed on to a "suicidal" upright see pics
Threaded section of upright (vertical link) threads missing and lots of rust it would appear someone else thought this OK to re-use!

 To cheer my self up I fitted new bushes to the bits that can be reused 

and cleaned stuff up
De grease and scrape sir?

So the hunt is on for a pair of second hand serviceable uprights - if I cant find any in the next week or so the project may have to be stalled until I can afford some new ones which would put the planned September  trip to Nice in serious doubt -I wish Dave at Canley Classics would put these into production for the TR6 !